One Page Computer

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Bus with Front Panel, ALU SP/PC, and Register cards
Bus with Front Panel, ALU SP/PC, and Register cards


The One Page Computer Project, is designed to provide the tools and resources to learn computer science starting with the basics of digital logic and progressing through to a fully working custom 8-bit CPU with a user defined instruction set, cross assembler and one day an operating system with standard tools. This first version named the YACC1 (Yet Another Custom CPU) uses basic 74HCxx TTL logic and whenever possible basic gates, no 74HC181 ALU and certainly no FPGAs in this project.


The One Page Computer is currently under development as a personal project. The basic idea has been kicking around inside my head for years (42 years to be exact), but until recently never made it to the top of the project list. Current status includes the following working cards, Bus, ALU, Register File, Stack pointer/Program counter, and Testing interface card (Drives the various bus lines to test card functionality). Currently the Microcode & Control Logic boards are under development.


Now, finally after making some serious headway, I am exploring if this project might be interesting to others, perhaps as an educational tool or maybe just a fun project.

I am interested in speaking with:
High school Computer Science educators
Freshman and sophomore college educators
Electronics enthusiasts

If you fall into one of these categories or are just interested, please reach out to me at

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Like many others back in the mid 1970s I had the opportunity to learn both computer programming and microcomputer hardware simultaneously. For me I started programming BASIC on a timeshare HP machine via a terminal located in the back of my math teacher’s classroom (he also taught computer programming) while at home I also dabbled with digital circuits. When Popular Electronics published the COSMAC ELF project I was hooked. Now I often wonder if for some students learning computer science the hardware experience feels too much like a magic box. I am curious to hear your thoughts, email me at

Why One Page Computer?

The idea being every element of the design can be described on a single page. That is not to say the entire machine’s detailed operation fits on one page but at any level of abstraction, a gate, a circuit, or a full card,  the description of the logic should (hopefully) fit on one letter size page (doubled sided)

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