System Bus

Last Updated: October 31, 2005 11:13:27 AM

The bus is about as simple as can be. It is made of Vero board which is comprised of parallel strips of copper on a .1 inch grid. The card edge holders are optional. See the additional bus pictures for other views of the bus and connectors.


Not much to say here, look at the Bus Definition Rev. B and additional bus pictures for design details.

Issues/todo log

Date Description Status
Dec-2005 Remove +12V and -12V add N1 and N2 Done Rev B
Mar-7-2005 Add input and output signals to bus so logic is not recreated card requiring IO.

Schematics, board layout, and operational description

Revision Production Date Schematic Layout Operational Description
A Last Documented Nov. 1982 Bus Definition Rev. A
B Updated Dec. 2005 Bus Definition Rev. B