Printrbot JR tool chain

Steps for creating object in SketchUp and printing on PrintrBot Jr (MAC OS X)


Tools -> Export to DXF or STL


Export Entire Model – (Yes if no objects selected)

Export Units – Millimeters

Export to DXF – STL

Select File location and save


netfabb basic


Project -> Open (File saved in STL export step above)

Edit -> Select all parts

Extras -> Repair Part

Automatic Repair (Bottom right of screen)

Default Repair – Execute

Automatic Repair (Bottom right of screen)

Remove old part (Yes)

Part ->Export Part -> As STL



Add (File saved in part export step in Netfabb)

Export G-code



Load File (gcode file created with slic3r)

Make sure printer is connected ( Connect Button)

Check Monitor Printer Checkbox to see temperature graph

Heater – Set

wait for temperature to reach 185